Monday, November 19, 2007

I've Been Down This Road Before...

...and I'm starting to recognize the scenary. And I remember that I like it--a lot.

Thursday I flew to Florida for a weekend conference. Taking a gamble, I brought along my weightlifting shoes just in case I found a barbell. I did. And adequate weight. I ended up back squatting 315/5 x5 with 2 minutes rest. Easily. With lots of speed. I haven't done that in a long, long time. It was like visiting a place from childhood about which you have fond memories. I didn't expect to make it back there for awhile and my body performed exceptionally. (This is a landmark on the path back to strength. Next stop: 365/5 x5 and then 405/5 x5. Should be there by February...)

Then I sat on my butt the rest of the weekend and ate. A lot--salmon (lox), red meat, and carbs. It felt very, very good. But I slept terribly--soft bed.

But here was the best part about the training session: Earlier in the day my right knee had been bothering me from wearing an older, but wider pair of shoes for the previous 2-3 days. And by bothering me, I mean it hurt to walk. On my way to the airport I stopped home and threw on the Chucks. I don't remember exactly when, but by the time I landed, the right knee was fine. No problems.

My body is remembering quickly this type of loading: I woke up Friday morning and I swear my legs grew an inch overnight! My bodyweight's climbing steadily too. Last night, after a day without carbs, I stepped on the scale: 221lbs. Very nice. However, I'm just too busy right now to concentrate on my nutrition so I'm hiring Erik Ledin, of Lean Bodies Consulting. You can read about him here: I met him this weekend and we had a nice "chat" about a client of mine that wants to enter a figure competition. (She's sitting at 10.1% right now.) He really knows his stuff. So I'm abdicating all my responsibility for my nutrtion to him. The goal is to get to 240lbs at about 10% BF by the end of February or March and then drop down to 231lbs and hit a meet.

I met some other great fitness professionals, not least of which was Dax Moy, the UK's leading fitness professional. A Stand-Up Chap, that Dax is. You can check him out at Josh Henkin and Troy Anderson and I hung out most of the weekend. Each of them is hysterical on his own. Put the two together and it's non-stop laughter all weekend long.

Back under the bar tonight for a step back down to 275/5 x6 with 2 minutes rest followed by some MP, some light RDLs, and some chins:

A. BSQ: 125kg/5 x6; 2 mins rest
B. MP: 65kg/5 x6; 2 mins rest
C. RDLs: 100kg/5 x5; 2 mins rest
D. Chins: Bdwy/6 x2; 2 mins rest

Started a little rusty but then got everything moving. Lots of I-Phase to start, especially lumbar work and shoulder work.

Training W, F, Sa, Su this week. Goal is to push up the volume a little bit. The next two weeks I'll increase the rest, up the load, and drop the volume by approximately 50%.


Blogger Franz Snideman said...

Nice job on the Squats Geoff!

Sounds like you had a great time with Josh and Troy........

those two are characters for sure!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Brett Jones said...

Boy do I know what you mean about your body remembering and wanting the load -feels like home. Looks like things are coming together.
CTs are great - right now I am liking the Nike Free - I have a 3.0 I wear at work and a new pair of 7.0 coming for my everyday shoe.
Great stuff

5:50 AM  
Blogger JC said...

I thought I was the only one who slept poorly all weekend because of the soft mattress!

It was great meeting you.

Jorge Carvajal

9:22 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

Franz, I love those two guys!

Brett, I'm feeling better than ever. It seems I've broken through a barrier, a glass ceiling so-to-speak, and the loading actually makes me feel better.

Jorge, Great meeting you and hanging out with you this weekend. Next time in FL I'll stop by and see your place and we'll grab a bite. Good luck with the product.

9:48 PM  

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