Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back In The Saddle

This week has flown by.

Now starts Phase 2 of my plan: Qualify. My goal is to qualify for the American Open in 2008. I started training again last night. The interim goal is to pack on some muscle and push my strength up. This will be done in 2 week phases that'll look like the following:

Weeks 1-2: 5x5, 2 minutes rest; 3 days per week,
Weeks 3-4: 3x5, 3 minutes rest; 3 days per week,
Weeks 5-6: 3x3, 3-5 minutes rest; 3 days per week,

Exercises are:

Back Squat, Military Press, RDL, so far...There may be some exercise changes every 2 weeks. I have to see how the body responds, other than quickly I mean. Here's an idea of how it may break down:

RDL -> DL variation -> Some form of Pull
MP -> Push Press -> Power Jerk

Again, all this is momentary speculation. Part of the fun is seeing how it will turn out.

Saturdays will be variations of the O-lifts. Su-T-Th will be the rest of the training. Z-Health will be on the days in-between focusing on perceived areas lacking mobility and keeping/improving current mobility.

Wednedsay, I did a "bridge" training session, just a little something to get the blood flowing and get moving.

A. BSQ: 110kg/5 x5, 2 mins rest
B. Military Press: 60kg/5 x5, 2 mins rest
C. RDL: 110kg/5 x5; 2 mins rest

I'll be at a conference from 11/16-18, so I will have to play that weekend by ear.

I'm looking forward to training for the next 6 months. It should be a lot of fun.


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