Thursday, October 25, 2007

Training Update

I only got to train 3 days this week. Now I'm off to Dallas for a 3-Day working weekend (non-fitness related). Missed my training session today. Last week I got 5 sessions in. Eight sessions in 14 days isn't too bad, but it's not what I wanted. Next week, I'll get in 4--all of which will be a mini-taper for this meet. It should be interesting. Training hasn't been going exactly the way I'd like it to go: Still haven't hit some numbers and still haven't put all the pieces together. Next week should be a fun week--a lot has to come together. I can do it--It's how I was made and it's what I was made to do.

Z and RKC, Part 2

One of the Z-Health's 4 Elements of Efficiency: Synchronized Respiration

Both systems focus on or acknowledge breathing patterns that are synchronized with and within movement.


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