Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I've been going non-stop for the last three weeks which explains the very few recent blog entries.

I'm training for my first meet in almost 8 years this Saturday. My training days have been sporadic at best for the last 3 weeks. But, that's good I guess. No pressure. My goal is to complete at least one attempt on each lift this weekend. If I feel great, I'll aim for a qualifying total. If not, no big deal. I'm not even that excited. That's probably because this is stage 1 of my 4 stage plan. Stage 1 is to compete again.

Z-Health Story of the Year

Got a call from a friend of mine on Monday. I missed my training session because of it, but this was way more important. His wife has had 3 kids in 3 years so needless to say her body is tired. Her back locked up and she dropped to the floor screaming. She laid there unable to move for almost 2 hours before my wife and I got there. We tag-teamed her and 40 minutes later she was up and walking. Don't ask me to repeat exactly what we did. It was very organic but just so you know, it's possible do perform toe pulls while lying down.


I'm looking forward to competing this weekend and then relaxing. I'm starting to get tired. Sunday I'll probably do nothing. This seems to be the part we in the fitness industry are forgetting: Planning relaxation and recovery. We can train all we want but the adaptation occurs when we are not training. Training is the stimulus for the adaptation. I think most trainees, trainers, and coaches forget that. For me, I usually plan to honor the "Sabbath" each week by taking a full day's rest on the weekend. I think a lot more people would reach their goals a lot sooner if they implemented this too. So far, it's helped me a lot. Except for the last 3 weeks when I haven't had one. The previous ones I believe have helped me keep my sanity. Food for thought for sure.


Blogger Katie B. said...

Good luck at your meet this weekend. I wish you nothing but success and efficiency!!!


9:04 AM  
Blogger Tim Anderson said...

Good luck Geoff. Post how it goes.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Mark Reifkind said...

lol, well as you know, planning relaxation is one thing I never leave out. for years it wasnt an option, I could only stay up on my feet so long before pain told me to put my feet up. but now it's a habit and I think its a good one.recovery is always the limiting factor in training and planning an 'active' recovery, via rest and relaxtion is really key. sometimes you just gotta put your feet up and watch a movie.

8:19 AM  

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