Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GPP, Yes-sir-ee--That's the trick for me...

I've come to the following conclusions:
  1. I'm made to lift heavy stuff over my head explosively
  2. I need more GPP to do this
  3. My GPP should be made up of exercises that not only compliment, but balance out my Olympic lifting

Obviously, this seems like pretty obvious stuff, but when your head is so far up your own rear end, it makes this type of introspection suprsingly and couterintuitively, difficult.

Currently, I've decided on a 4 day cycle--2 days on the platform and 2 days performing supersets of exercises that I haven't done routinely for the last 10+ years, along with some KBs of course.

I finish the GPP days with some interval work to boost my work capacity and take off some bodyfat, which seems to accumulated for no other reason than my own laziness.

And not only that, I've noticed that I tend to tweak myself a lot. This cycle is designed to put an end to that.

Today felt very good.

Here was the workout:

A1. Chins / A2. Reverse Lunges: 3x8 each, rest 60s

B1. Push-ups / B2. Shin-box to shin-stand: 3x10 each, rest 60s

C1. Renegade Rows / C2. Reverse crunch with feet touching over head: 2x12 each, 60s rest (C2-only got 10 reps and 8 reps)

This was the hardest as it fried out my abs. Guess that might be a weakness...that ol' ab stabilization strength-endurance...Might be somewhat important for spine health...

Yesterday was platform work and the highlight was Power Snatches from above the knee--(85kg/2, 90/2, 95/2) 3. Felt fast and good. Very strong. On my way back. 110kg is the target for this particular exercise.

Thursday I'll be back on the platform and Friday I'll hit some more GPP work.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Far, So Good...

Been alternating between platform days and kettlebell days and keeping the volume on the platform work relatively low.

Everything feels pretty good so far.

Nothing on the platform feels heavy, although admittedly, I've been staying pretty light. Power snatched from above the knee 90kg/3 x2 the other day. It felt very fast. This was after a light 30 minute KB snatch interval style workout with the 24kg--30s work, 60s rest.

Squatting again. Feels kind of sticky, but overall, good. Just trying to refind the groove after not squatting routinely since April.

Figured out how to get rid of the neural tension in the left hand in the rack position. Neck work and thoracic work in lumbar extension. Cool.

Last night, did 20 minutes of KB snatch w/ 32kg, 15s of work, 45s of rest. Good for the thoracic mobility and shoulder mobility, which is good, because I'm using the KB snatches for that, some GPP, and some hamstring stimulation.

Tonight, cleans, maybe some jerks, and some squatting.

More later...