Friday, September 29, 2006

4 Squat Sessions in One Week?

I haven't done that in...well, a long time. Sure, it was light, but it was also fast.

I feel like I have new knees and hips after performing all the Z-Health.

My left glut and adductor is tres sore. I guess that's what happens when you squat for 10+ years with a hip capsule locked down and at least one torn labrum. No wonder that hamstring is bigger than the right one--it had to do the glut's work too.

I can actually squat straight down instead of falling into my right hip/side.

Man, when I think about all the time I wasted with the foam roller and my stretch cage: Sure, they'd give me temporary results, but nothing lasting. Oh well, I'd never had given Z an opportunity if I hadn't had a need.

Tomorrow and Sunday will actually be interesting though. I wonder if I will have any knee soreness. I had just a wee bit of soreness in them before I started today. Got it out after some I-phase Z and one warm-up set. Knowing me though, I probably overdid it and won't be able to walk this weekend. Time will tell.