Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Prepping For the Meet...

...on Saturday the 26th. I've changed my loading yet again. Heavy cleans mid-week to accommodate for the last heavy clean 10 days before the meet: the 16th--so next Wednesday. In the mean time, I'm going to clean a lot. Heavy cleans, light cleans, etc.

Hit 135kg for 10x1 with 60s rest on the Power Clean today. Form good, but not the best. Last rep the best.

Then moved to Jerk recovery work: FSQ + PJk. These were significantly harder than I expected. Worked up to 130kg for a single, then stopped, cause my hip and knee on my right side were out of alignment on the recovery. No pain though which is good.

Then Clean Pulls from the floor. Worked up to 150kg/3 x3 which were harder than they should've been. Focused on keeping the chest out and the bar on the mid-thigh and away from the groin. These were good, but can still be better. I'm glad I can move well now because I can feel the subtle nuances in each lift and make changes when necessary.

Will attempt to train again tomorrow night--snatch work and squats for some hypertrophy. Gotta work off the two double cheeseburgers I just ate. I credit Brett Jones for those.