Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Valley? Nope, Not Always...

Just got back from the platform. Felt pretty good all day.

Here's how you know a training session was good for you:
  • Improved posture
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Improved ROM
  • Improved desire to train again
Experienced all of these tonight. (Thanks to Dr. Cobb who points out the posture and ROM during Day 6 of R-Phase.) Here was the training session:

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 5TM
90kg/5, 110kg/5, 140/5, 160/5
Felt relatively light--the worst part was that I didn't wear a particular piece of athletic apparel and the bar ended up hitting--well, nevermind.

B. Back Squat: 5TM
70kg/5, 90/5, 110/5, 130/5, 150/5
These were interesting: They weren't comfortable until the very last 2 reps. I couldn't get the bone rhythms right until then. They made the whole thing worth it.

Some thoughts spurred on by tonight's training session:
  • Balanced Tension and Relaxation: Really got a good understanding of this tonight. KBs have really helped my O-lifts--position, speed, etc, but have done virtually nothing for my squat strength. Tonight felt heavy. After the 1st rep with 150kg I was questioning the sanity of hitting 5. I'm glad I did because I learned something: When the weight feels heavy, you must lengthen up against it and use your breath. This of course increases total body tension. But the neat thing here is that I wasn't trying to increase the tension--it was the combo of the lengthening and the breathing. I don't know why I haven't experienced this since I've been squatting again. Then again, without double-checking my log, I can't say for sure that 150kg isn't a 5RM since I've been squatting again (pathetic if it is--but gotta start somewhere, I s'pose).
  • My Body Likes to Move With Weight: That's right and it likes to do it quickly. Weird, but I'm just wired that way. I really love being on the platform again. I'm thoroughly enjoying training again. Pain free is so much fun. And this week's Snatch DLs felt better (less knee discomfort) than last week's.
  • My Initial Impression May Be Wrong: I wasn't sure I should continue squatting tonite. Most of my reps were sub-par, but I just knew I could pull off some good one's. If I had racked the weight early, I wouldn't have had my reward. I just have to remember not to be cavalier or stupid about this. Being "tough" in the past got me in big trouble in the long run. I must remember there's a fine line between tough and stupid.
Overall, tonight's training was MUCH better than last night. Temperature was much cooler with much less humidity.

Tomorrow's another day and another lesson.


Blogger Frankie Faires said...

Geoff, how were you using your breath in squatting?

I would like to get your response to the thread on the Z forum.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

FF, pressurization from breath only--forcefully exhaling (power breathing) through perceived sticking point without consciously tensing associated musculature.

Re: Z forum: Done.

11:37 AM  

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