Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Got What I Wanted...

An appointment for an MRI. X-rays revealed that the groove in which my patella tracks is shallow, my patella tracks laterally, and there is some quadraceps tendonitis due to calcification of the quad tendon from heavy lifting. Also, there appears to be a spur on the lateral border of the patella which also explains some of the irritation. The swelling is supposed to be a dead give-away of cartilage damage which is why we are scheduling the MRI--so we can confirm damage, survey said damage, and then plan a course of action--be it therapy or surgery. Surgeries are quite extensive in these cases, saith the Ortho.

There's a lot more shoulder work in my program now that I'm back on the platform. I was supposed to at least do some KB presses, but my gut told me not to. Inspired by David Whitley's "DuCane Press," I thought I'd attempt something I suck at: Bent Presses. Every time I've tried these in the past, I was faking it. Sure, I looked strong (that's a relative term), but only my shoulder and my will power were holding the bell in place, not my lats. I shy away from them because they always seem to tweak my biceps tendons. (This of course makes snatching very difficult.) Not so today. LOTS of lat recruitment.

5x5 with 32kg--nice and light. 3 minutes rest.

When I got done, both lats, right hams, left glute, right posterior fibers of obliques and abs were pretty tired. It felt "just right." I really like these and may throw them in once a week or so. It'd be cool to knock off an easy 5 with my 145lbs KBs. Something to strive for.

Back on the platform tomorrow.


Blogger Christine Petty said...

Oh man, sorry about the knee.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

Thanks, Christine. Not really that big of a deal--I've known there was something wrong with it for a long time, and it was a result from the patellar dislocation, but now I know for sure and the MRI will tell me exactly.

Good thing there isn't a "step-ups" competition, cause right now that's about the only movement that causes pain.

9:01 PM  

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