Monday, June 04, 2007

Increased Speed and Stamina

Just when I think the KBs aren't really doing much for me (I know--heresy!) I get back on the platform after time off and my conditioning is unbelievable. Makes me wonder why I ever stop using them. Between KBs and Bone Rhythm, the last 3 sessions on the platform have amazed me. Granted, the weight is light, but it's fast and the reps are high (3-5).

I know I'm breaking my own rules on the reps with the O-Lifts, but I can't help thinking Profs. Roman and Medvedyev know more than I do. They (at least one of them, if not both) state that 5s should be used for heavyweights and supers. They condition the organism better and are easier to recover from than the lower reps and heavier weights. Plus, looking back in the past, way back, I see that there may be some merit to them. So, against my better judgment, I'll try them for awhile.

Today's session:

A. Power snatch + power snatch above knee, (1+4) x 5 sets, 2 minutes rest:
50kg/5, 55/5, 60/5, 65/5, 70/5, 75/5
Positioning felt strong on all of these--very strong and very long [spine]

B. Power clean + power clean above knee + push press, (1+4)+5 x 4 sets, 2 minutes rest:
75/5+5, 80/5+5, 85/5+5, 90/5+5
Also felt strong; best positioning on overhead work in a long, long time (also very long spine).
90kg was a challenge from a concentration and stamina point of view, but I think it ended up better than the 85kg.
I also have to watch as I fatigue, my body starts to wind to the right, which is an old pattern. I caught it tonight and remedied it.

Saturday was the same training session, essentially, except everything was from above the knee. I worked upto 80/3 on the snatch (maybe 85/3, I can't remember) and upto 90 or 95/3 on the Cl+PuPr. I can't seem to remember that, either.

Tomorrow is max back squat so the knee is ready for the Dr on Wednesday plus KBs.


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