Saturday, June 02, 2007

Looking In the Wrong Places

I forgot to publish this Z-Health experience last week.

Only now are many coming to understand that all may not be what it seems with regard to the human body. Shoulder pain? May not be the shoulder. I saw an article on T-Mag the other day and one of the presenters who was written about said about the shoulder that the other hip was also involved. It's a start in the right direction, but many times, it's even more than we think as the following story will demonstrate.

One of my clients had been struggling with some swelling over her cuboid in her right foot for about 2 weeks. She has tight feet from bad shoes and stiffness in that foot in particular. So at first, we thought it was just foot work she needed. Specific R-Phase foot mobility did indeed help--in the short run. But the foot kept locking down.

She came in and we tested passive dorsiflexion with her sitting and me pushing the foot into dorsiflexion: -20 degrees. Not the foot.

We then checked her opposite hand which was indeed tight. After some specific R-Phase hand work, she was at neutral passive dorsiflexion.

Not good enough.

What innervates that particular area of the hand? C7. So we moved onto some specific R-Phase neck work. Guess what? 15 degrees positive passive dorsiflexion.

We followed that up with some specific R-Phase drills for the pelvis to cement the neck work. The result? About 20 degrees positive passive dorsiflexion.

No stretching.

No foam rolling.

No soft tissue work.

Only Dynamic Joint Mobility work Z-Health R-Phase style.

Powerful stuff.

If you want to learn more, go here:


Blogger Mike T Nelson said...


I just had a similar experience the other day based on the opposite joint work.

Client was complaining of some shoulder pain, but only in a very specific movement. So once we re-created that movement with the shoulder so that we knew the orientation, I moved to the opposite hip and did some Z work there. As soon as he put his leg behind him and I applied traction to the hip, his shoulder pain went away. So we did some Z hip drills with him actively doing the traction and followed it up with some work on the ankle in addition to his normal Z work. His next set of pullups were easier and in no pain.

The body is amazing!

Mike N

5:00 PM  
Blogger Brett Jones said...

Very cool stuff Geoff - looking forward to learning more.

3:57 PM  

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