Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fools Rush In

There's an old saying, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

I am probably being foolish.

Unfortunately, my body always produces what I train it for. I perform better on a minimalist routine without a lot of variety. As much as I love training with KBs, the only thing they seem to improve is conditioning, which of course is always a very good thing. Of course they improve my KB strength, but it doesn't seem to transfer to barbell strength. I was going to hold off on returning to my squatting until the fall. I just can't wait 'til then. So, I'm going to be squatting 3 x per week using 10-20 reps per session. I'm starting at 60% of my most recent training max: 170kg. (Pathetic, which is why I'm doing this now, instead of later.) I will perform 2 exercises per session: back squat and military press, M-W-F. Saturdays will be snatch and clean. T-TH will be approximately 15-25 reps total comprised of 3-5 exercises, either KB or bodyweight: MP, Bent Press, Dips, Pistols, Pull-ups, etc. with long rest periods. I will most likely perform full I-Phase on these days as well. Sundays I'll take off.

We'll see if the frequent exposure but low volume work makes a difference. As much as I'd love to hit the 5s, they just won't cut it on barbell work for now. (This seems like a familiar conclusion--just had it not too long ago. Wonder why I won't learn? Guess I don't like to be "limited.")

Saturday's training:
A. Back Squat: 100kg/2 x10 sets; 60s rest
Easy. But bone rhythm work was difficult.

B. Military Press: 70kg/2 x 10 sets; 60s rest.

Sunday's training: Back in weightlifting shoes, out of sandals.
A. Power Snatch from above knee: 50kg/2, 60/2, 70/2, 75/2, 80/2, 85/2, 90/2
90kg felt surprisingly easy (it is only 70% of CMax).

B. Overhead Squat
40kg/3, 50/2 x2, 60/2 x2;
My snatch lockout has changed so these were surprisingly challenging--not the weight, but the bone rhythm work again. Right knee not so happy on some of these reps.

C. Power Clean from above knee: 60kg/2, 80/2, 90/2, 95/2, 100/2, 105/2, 110/2
110kg felt fast and easy.

Feels weird to be back in the shoes. Feel faster for some reason. We'll see how the knee holds up.


Blogger Franz Snideman said...

Sounds like are addict Geoff, that is a SQUAT and BARBELL Addict!

KB's improve conditioning, so true, yet you must train what you want to do well in(SAID principe) as you know!!!!!

6:04 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

It's true, Franz, I am an addict. I love the barbell work. KBs are fun, but I like moving the heavy weight, or at least the thought of the opportunity to lift heavy weight.

8:10 PM  

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