Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Good Template

I think I've got a good template working now. It'll look familiar to many--WSB-like.

Day 1: Fast and Light:
  • Emphasis on getting under the bar from various starting positions
  • Repetitive KB work combined with repetitive bodyweight work for left elbow/right knee "rehab"
  • KB work will most likely be a variation of the Clean and Press

Day 2: Slow and Heavy:

  • Probably some sort of slow pull and some sort of slow push
  • More repetitive work with the KB--primarily snatch work for conditioning and some more bodyweight work--Bulgarian Split Squats to even out leg strength discrepancies.

Days 3 & 6: Off

  • Just Z-Health on these days--full body R or I-Phase, depending on how I feel.

Day 4: More Fast and Light:

  • Focused on pulling the bar. Will probably work upto 80-85% here catching in a power position
  • More KB and bodyweight work here--most likely unilateral with KB

Day 5: More Slow and Heavy:

  • Squatting, heavy: 80%+
  • More KB snatch work--probably a lot of conditioning here knowing I'm having 2 days off.

Day 7: Off completely.

This template should allow me to rotate exercises and posititions without experiencing the CNS fatigue I usually get when I go longer than 2 weeks on a program.

Found a good DJM drill to cool off the right knee last night: the "Opener" from I-Phase. Good stuff. Released the right psoas and rectus femoris. Real good stuff.


Blogger Mark Reifkind said...

me likey. looks very solid and well thought out.I like that you are focusing on getting under the bar. I think that's critical.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Franz Snideman said...

I like it. And hopefully your body will too. My friend RKC Ken Black just back from the Z-health Cert (he met Omar to). He raved about it. I have taken several seminars from Dr' Eric Cobb, but sounds like his cert has really progressed.

That's it, now it's my turn to go!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Mike T Nelson said...

Looks like a nice template Geoff! Keep us updated.

Franz, I highly recomend the Z Health cert to anyone that will listen. It is the best cert/seminar that I have been to yet; hands down! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any specific questions. I will be at the Z Health I Phase in July also! Can't wait!

Too bad our schedules did not work out while I was in CA, but hopefully next time.

Rock on
Mike N

1:19 PM  

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