Thursday, January 04, 2007

Felt Like a Double

Easy training session yesterday. Some right knee discomfort on the 3rd set of squats for about 3-4 reps. I didn't stop but continued through. Performed some Z between sets and had a perfect last set--perfect alignment, discomfort-free, and powerful. However, 4x6 with only a minute rest between sets is a killer on my lungs. Shows me the need for some KB no matter how detrimental they may be at this time. To compensate for the KB, I'll just have to spend some extra time in supination/extension of the hand/wrist.

The First Training Session: 1.3.07

A. Press: 70%/4 x6 sets
70kg/4 x6; 2 mins. rest

B. RDL: 65%/5 x5 sets
120kg/5 x5; 90 secs. rest

C. Back Squat: 60%/6 x4 sets
110kg/6 x4; 60 secs. rest

I can't believe how easy this felt, except of course for the huffing and puffing on the squat. The weight was fine, my CV system was not.

After work, 2nd session w/ KBs

A. Snatch: R+L: 24kg/10+10 x3; 32kg/8+8; 6+6
I was surprised that I lost my groove with the 32kg. Not only that, but my grip was fried from the RDLs earlier. Gotta remember: skill...skill...skill...

B. Double C+P: 2x24/10+10 x2 sets
Very easy. Really wanted to do this with the 32s, but needed to take it easy.

C. One Arm Swings: 32kg/10+10 x2 sets

Rest was roughly 60s between all sets. By the time I was done with the swings, I had sweat pouring down my body. That was humbling. Gotta get back into these.

I'll probably throw in extra workouts later in the evening on my regular lift days--quick 15-20 minute one like this one just to get some blood flowing. Felt great after this one.

On the Right Knee...

I think I'm down to my last one or two compensation patterns. I'm going to have to go get some scar tissue work done on my left elbow/forearm. I've been putting it off, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet. I think this is probably the last of the compensation patterns. Maybe a little on my right IT Band since I never got any rehab for that dislocation. I also need to retest the myofascial winding. I feel my left lat so much more than I ever have and the chronic left trap tightness is almost completely gone. It has taken almost a year, but what a great year it has been! I was reflecting last Friday how much better I felt at this birthday than I did at my last one. It was physically, a very good year.

Now I've just gotta register for that meet in NJ in March...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah,cardio and strength athlete go together like, oil and water, lol. good to see the knee is coming around.

how did you lose your groove on the snatch? out in front or ???

and yes even very simple basic stuff with kbs can really remeind you of how much work they are;especially if you've put them on the back burner for awhile. does come back fast though.

for your wrist extension/supination thing: have you tried undergrip hanging( not full weight supported,feet still on the ground)?

this has done WONDERS for opening up my perpetually tight forearms and had the very nice carryover effect to my shoulder as well!I am working from the finger tip grip to a full deep set in the hand and MAN does it stretch the flexors!

I am also working on getting back my "L" sit on the floor, just lockingout the tri's and raising ONE leg off the floor.I was doing it for my knee but it had the secondary effect on my forearms. Just some ideas.
take care

3:48 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

I couldn't "steer" the snatch back into the inside of my leg--I was just dropping it between my legs. Big difference in O-lift v. KB grooves--BIG difference.

I was really surprised by how much I was sweating. I'm going to have to keep these in--can't lose the conditioning.

My current GPP/Rehab day looks like this:

Chin-ups (hand supination)
T-Stands or the Pump (wrist & finger extension)
Reverse Lunges (unilateral work).

Today I worked with Kevin Perrone and we found some wrist work (radial and ulnar deviation) with the shoulder in extension cooled off the knee.

I may have to give that L sit thingy a try--sounds like it'd be a major challenge for my short arms and long torso.

I really focus on being controlled

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you coming to the ECG meet in Moorestown Geoff? I'm not sure if I'll be lifting but I will likely be coaching/officiating (caution: I red light pressouts!!) Saturday and Sunday (I might do my senior USAW coach course that weekend) I start WL training again tomorrow after a two week layoff (just KBs in the interim) should be interesting.

Your training seems to be going very well.

Randy Hauer

5:57 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

Randy, Moorestown is the goal. I'm most likely just going to train through it--no tapering/peaking. Just need to get back on the competitive platform. I hope you're there. It'd be good to see you again. Don't worry about the pressouts--I have a strong jerk.

6:32 PM  

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