Monday, January 08, 2007

Highest Workload in Years (3+?)

Hit 140kg for 9x4 reps today (5040kg). I haven't done this kind of workload in probably 3 plus years. It felt a little awkward the first couple of sets, but then got into the groove. Fatigue-wise, no problem. Probably could've done another 9 sets, but I'm constantly wondering how the right knee is going to respond. It's a little aggravated right now--but that's the weird part. It didn't start until almost 4 hours after the training session. I'll hit some super-slow Z in a few minutes. Oh, and my mistake, soft tissue work on Thursday, not Tuesday. That's too bad, cause I really want some now!

Here's how the session went:

A. Back Squat: 75%/4 x9; 2 minutes rest
140kg/4 x9--felt very good.
Looking forward to 160kg in 2 weeks.

B. Press: 70%/5 x8 sets; 90s rest
70kg/5 x 8; some grinding in my left shoulder that I hadn't noticed before, but other than that, pretty easy.

C. RDLs: 65%/6 x6; 60s rest
120kg/6 x6;
The only thing that challenged my CV system today. Also challenged the P-Chain. I have a feeling there will be some souvenirs tomorrow from this one.

I will probably take tomorrow off from GPP work and focus on some very precise, very slow R-Phase. I feel like I need it--especially in light of the extra grip work from the KBs. Not only that, but I've logged 5 training sessions in the last 4 days, which is higher than normal for me. Good thing I get to sleep in tomorrow.


Blogger Franz Snideman said...

Congratulations Geoff! You are an animal!

Get some rest and take care of your body!

1:23 PM  

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