Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ten Percent

...that's the difference in performance I figure that preceding training sessions with Z -Health makes. I had a lot on my mind yesterday as I approached the platform. Instead of leaving it outside, I took it with me. Lost in thought, I changed and didn't even warm-up; went straight into lifting.

I couldn't figure out why everything felt awkward--notsomuch heavy, just out of postion and awkward. Couldn't find the right positions; hook grip felt weak; pull was off. Ended up using straps. Some may argue those are sure signs of CNS fatigue and I would agree if I had performed my Z AND been lifting maximally AND had those same issues. So, in that light, the rest of this week's training sessions will be very interesting, especially Friday when I clean again.

Here's yesterday's session:

P.Clean from above knee:
70/3, 90/2, 100/2
(105/2, 110/2, 115/2) x3

100/3, 120/3
140/3, 145/2, 150/1
145/3, 150/2, 155/1
Didn't perform another wave here. It was at this point I realized I hadn't done any Z and rather than keep on pushing, I thought I'd cut it. As I said, Friday will be interesting.

Extra Session

About 4 hours later hit this with the KBs:

Complex, 2 rounds w/ 2x24kg
Swings x5
Snatch x5
Clean & Press x5+5
Rows x5

Reverse Lunges w/ 16kg, waiter's postion, 10+10; these didn't feel so good on the knees. No pain, just discomfort.

Weight's been dropping lately, even though I've been eating. Stopped at Cookout and got 2 Huge Cheeseburgers. Mmmm good. Went to bed an hour later.

Looking forward to overhead work and pulls today. Feel really good this morning.


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