Friday, October 27, 2006

Myofascial Winding? You Betcha!

Had Tom, my business partner test me for myofascial winding today. WOW! I'm wound tighter than a drum--to the right! All my Z will be done now for the next couple weeks with my torso/spine rotated left.

I worked with Kevin Perrone later in the day, and he found that my left lat and my right adductor weren't firing. Makes perfect sense with the MW.

(Sidenote: As a business owner, I am very priviledged and incredibly blessed to have trainers like Kevin and Omar Clinton working for me/with me. There quest for knowledge is insatiable! We definitely undercharge our clients--but it's what the market can bear--for now.)

I grabbed a quick, light KB workout before my 6pm client: 1 arm C+Ps with the 32kg for 5x5 supersetted with close-grip chins, chest touching the bar. Kevin suggested trying them with my torso rotated left. That's exactly what I just did, but only 3 sets. Here's the really weird thing: C+P's on the R were much harder but on the L, much easier--the chins, just weird. Hmmm...I understand the L, but I'll have to give the R some thought. But on both the presses and the chins, I felt my L lat like I don't ever think I have.

I'll have to talk to Dr. Cobb and get his thoughts about the bilateral loading. May have to back off it for now--hope not. I may just go to the platform tomorrow and try some snatches and back squats. I'll have to see how I feel in the morning.


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