Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fly Like an Eagle...

Was thinking about this song today while doing snatch pulls. Just sets of 3 but really trying to get them to float/hang in the air. Weight was easy, long spine is getting easier to move in and through. That's the key: Speed. When you watch elite international lifters, they make the weights look effortless, except for the top end weights, which look like they might exert a slight bit of effort. 60kg looks almost exactly the same as 180kg. Not so with US lifters. Not sure why that is. Maybe it's too much work ethic on our part. Maybe it's structure of the training programs. I dunno.

Here was today's workout:

Push Press: (70kg/2, 80/2, 90/2, 100/2) x 3 series; 24 total lifts. Again, average intensity was 50%.

Snatch Pull to Throat from above Knee: (70kg/3, 80/3, 90/3) x 2 series; 18 total lifts.

Woke up this morning with a nice all over, even soreness, especially across the upper back--from the RDLs, which is why I do them--specific upper back strengthener. Hammies a lil' sore too. I forgot how sore the Olympic lifts make me when I first start back into them. My goal is to do just two exercises each day, training sessions lasting approximately 30-40 minutes, six days a week.

Extra Workouts

I also feel the need to keep my hands on the KBs, primarily for extra work/recovery. Lots of unilateral work right now in the form of complexes. The goal is to help the myofascial winding/unwinding. My goal is just 2-3 extra workouts per week of only 1 complex per side. Once I get comfortable with that, I'll add a day, then start adding sets. Here's the complex I performed Monday morining. It took me about 80s and then I rested 120s before performing the other side.

With a 32kg:

Hi-Pull x5
Snatch x5
C+P x5+5
Rev. Lunge x5
Row x5

Felt good. I'll probably repeat that tonite after work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that looks good chief.don't agree with you about the part that american ol'er work too hard. compared to everyone else the US guys just do warmups eh?

maybe not enough technique work mixed with too little absolute strength? not to mention too small a talent pool.

like the kb complexes,very interesting.

7:52 AM  

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