Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Weeks Is Always Enough

I've never had the good fortune to be one of those guys who can make progress on a 6 week program, or even a 4 week one. I always seem to peak out at the end of the second week. Some may argue I plan it that way. But even when I was coached, that always seemed to be the case. Week 1 was a break in and I'd feel great at the end of Week 2. As I'd make it into Week 3, I'd tend to drag and then crash and burn--miss weights that should have been easy; fail to complete training sessions.

Mark Riefkind (Rif) made this comment/asked me this question on my last entry:

"the only issue I see with your ramp up is that on each of the days the same basic structures are used in very similar ways. systemic/accumulated overload is what I am concerned about.where is the kb work fit in? "

My answer is very simple: I use the basic structures/templates for 2 weeks then change/modify them for the next 2 week cycle. For example, on the back squat for the last two weeks, I've been using ascending ladders, 1-2-3 for a given weight, adding 10kg and repeating for 2-4 more sets. This next 2 weeks, I'll use a 3-2-1 format, increasing the weight in 10kg jumps the first two training sessions, then 5-10kg jumps the second two training sessions. The goal is to peak, hit a new training max, and then back down for a few cycles of hypertrophy work to try and fill out my weight class.

Here's today's session:

Power Snatch, from above knee
60/3, 70/2
(80/2, 85/2, 90/2) x3

Avg Load=85kg
Avg Int=65%

Back Squat
110/3, 120/2, 130/1
120/3, 130/2, 140/1
130/3, 140/2 (3), 150/1; Meant to only hit 140/2 but miscounted--in the moment, ya know.

Avg Load=134.4kg

Total Session Volume=4084.4kg

As far as KB work, it's "catch-as-catch-can." I get it in when I feel like it. I hit about 3 extra workouts last week:

1. Bodyweight Bulgarian split squats 2x10+10 (Th)
2. KB alternating press: 2x24kg/5+5; 2x32kg/5+5 (F)
3. Clean + Press, L+R w/32kg/6x5+5 (Su)

And of course, Z-Health multiple times per day. I can always tell if a training session was valuable if my SI function is still perfect. If it degrades, then the session was too much for my CNS.

Today was a good day.


Blogger markrif said...


I think that more advanced you are in lifting, and or the longer you have lifted heavy, the faster you adapt to things as you can activate so much more so much faster.
Even though loads can be lower force can still be high.

I like the way you have designed this. ALmost a max effort effect; ramp up quickly, hit a peak, drop down and change variables a bit, but not too much.

proof,as always is in the pudding and you know as well as me as soon as you think you've finally got it figured out, it shifts on you,lol!

are you planning on doing swings with the kbs at all? I think light overspeed eccentric work would really help both the squats and the pulls. not to menion the back.

just a thought.

good stuff


7:35 PM  

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