Monday, November 27, 2006

Loose Body = Tight Knee

I've had problems with my right knee for the last 18 or so years ever since I dislocated the patella wrestling. Of course, having a tough coach and not wanting to disappoint him, I iced it for the rest of practice and wrapped it the next day with an ACE bandage. No rest. No rehab. Fast-forward to last night. I was flexing my quad while lying prone on the bed and felt a sharp pain in the quad tendon.

It's good to have a wife who's a physical therapist. She wanted to see it and work on it. She found what she termed to be a "loose body"--some scar tissue, a chunk of broken patella, a piece of cartilage, or some sort of calcification.

"No wonder your IT Band is so tight on that side," she said.

She recommended that I go get an X-ray or MRI.

It's very interesting because I seem to have taken one step forward, but two steps back: My squat feels almost textbook perfect. But I can no longer perform a pistol without right knee pain and lunges are also pretty much out. So, maybe I performed those previously in a compensated manner--my left and right pistol, although relatively of equal strength, never felt the same. Same with the lunges. The squat being the least complex of the three, I'd say I may have lost some degree of freedom, but it was compensated freedom, since the squat feels almost symmetrical for the first time ever.

GPP Day:

Light, light KB snatches to get HR up. It's been awhile since I've done these and the shoulders are already taking a pounding with the bar. No need to hurt myself on these.

24kg: L+R, 5x10+10, 60s rest, varying foot postions. Easy. Fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


once, in discussion with Brett about my knee and the possiblities of opening it up I said if I could just get the scar tissues and adhesions open I would have significantly more ROM.

he said I should be carefull;" maybe thats all the holding the knee together?"

He wasnt exactly right as I have gained much ROM and it hasnt fallen off but I doknow what he meant.
Its very hard, if not impossible, to fix orthopedic damage with muscle work or biomechanics.

this getting old shit is no fun at all.
Interesting also that the 24 kg is"light" for you til I realized its only .25 5 of your BW.
a 40 LB kb would be the equivilant for me and yes that would be light as well.

so many forget to tie BW into the KB weight formula.
When someone presses the beast at 250 pounds BW it aint the same as some little guy doing it.

hope the knee feels better.

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