Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's the Little Things That Count

One of the benefits of being part of the RKC community is the access one has to minds much more powerful and experienced than my [your] own. Today, even though I'm getting back into "platform shape," I experienced a PR today. I power cleaned 125kg from the hang position just above the knee. (Granted, that's not a heavy weight. But, I've only been back on the platform 3 weeks. This is the second day of my 4th week.) Now I've cleaned that weight probably 1000 times from that position before, but always with straps. Today, for the first time ever, I did it with a hook-grip. For me this is actually a real PR too, not just something I'd never "tried" or done before. (Undoubtedly from the combination of the thick handles on the KBs and the Z-Health mobility drills.) In the past, I could never hook anything over 100kg--it was just too uncomfortable/painful on the thumbs.

My point is, I would've missed noticing this PR if it were not for my friend, Mark Riefkind, SrRKC, (Rif) whom I have the good fortune of knowing and only being a phone call, e-mail, or blog away. Because of his own journey through "Kettlebell World," he has experienced many PRs and passed on the vision to me to see "the little things" that actually are PRs, things I--and perhaps you, have never achieved before.

No matter how many reps I perform, or how many hours I train clients, I am constantly amazed at what I can learn--how much I don't know. Without the RKC community, I'd have never run into Rif and would have missed the "little" PR I experienced today.

I am very thankful to be a part of the RKC community. Thanks to Pavel, John, and Dragon-Denny, and anyone else who is responsible for the Dragon Door Training Forum.

Back to those "little" PRs: They are hugely important to my training and should be to yours. They keep me motivated and indicate progress, no matter how slight, especially in the middle of a very difficult training periods. I believe in the past, I've missed them. Had I noticed them, I think I'd have a lot less gray hair and would undoubtedly be further along in my training than I am now. I probably would never have gotten as injured as I did either.

There's a saying: "Don't sweat the small stuff." That has it's place for sure. But in light of today's PR, I prefer, "The Devil's in the details."

Oh yeah, I can't wait to see how the increased hand strength is going to play out in the future.

Today's training session:

Power Clean, from above the knee:
70/3, 90/3
105/3, 110/2, 115/1
110/3, 115/2, 120/1
115/3, 120/2, 125/1

140/2, 150/2, 160/2
150/2, 160/2, 170/2

Looking forward to 130kg on Friday.


Blogger markrif said...

Dude, what can I say? that was such a cool thing to say,especially on the forum. You are indeed a stand up guy and you just proved it.

I really enjoy working with you figuring out all the details and nuances of our training and you always challenge me to look at things more closely. I appreciate that.

Pr's are great and all props to Louie who taught me that.take them where you can find them and MAKE them happen regularly!

Success creates success.well done on the pr too. OL without straps is way harder.cool.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

Thanks, man. Just giving credit where it's due. I'm much more patient with my training because of your wisdom. No doubt about it.

5:08 PM  

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