Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not Much Training This Week...

Both hips still bothering me--not too much making a dent.

Going for the acupressure "resets" this weekend from a couple of months ago.

On the bright side, right knee feels great.

Just got back from the platform where light snatches and light squats were on order. Felt good while there--good, not great--but after I got done the all-to-familiar tightness and achy-ness returned.

A. P.Snatch, AK, 60kg/3, 70/3; (80/3, 85/3, 90/3)2; RPE = 6
B. BSQ: 60/3, 80/3, 110/3 x3, 120/3 x3; RPE = 6; Felt OK, bone rhythms were off.

Will continue with acupressure and relaxation work to turn this mess down.

I will also start working in some other exercises--last week I was messing around with bodyweight exercises and kettlebell work.

This week I'll get back into deadlifting and more kettlebell work. My tendency is to back off instead of changing it up. I will change it up this week.

Need to get back in shape after a essentially a month off. Lots of swings are on order I think to try to get the bone rhythms back. Worked in the past. See if it works again.

Not giving up though.


Blogger Tony Springman said...

Hang tough Geoff. Enjoy reading about your training and personal insights. I have no doubt that you will find a way to make things work, and exceed your own expectations at a meet in the near future.


9:46 PM  

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