Friday, March 21, 2008

RPEs Are the Way to Go

I've been using RPEs a lot in my training recently. I try to match the RPE to the percentage of my lift, for example, RPE of 7 equals 70%, and so on. I know I'm making progress if the RPE is lower than the percentage. At least I think I'm making progress. This keeps me dialed in to my body and not necessarily the weight on the bar. I believe Siff called this "cybernetic periodization."

Wednesday's training was outstanding. I trained at an unusual time--3pm--instead of the usual 8pm. Overall, I think it will be much better.

Here's how the training session played out.

A. Power Snatch, Floor: (60kg/3, 70/2, 80/1, 90/1, 100/1)
105/1 x5, 110/1 x5; 60s between sets.

RPE = 7/7.5

I haven't hit numbers like this since I was training for the Nationals in 2000. These felt very good--however, I need to stay over the bar just a little longer on the first pull, keep the elbows straighter, and not rush the second pull. Much better than last week when I had to switch to above the knee because I kept hitting myself in the jewels. Overall, I'm pleased.

B. Power Clean, Floor: (90kg/1, 100/1, 110/1, 120/1)
130kg/1 x10

RPE = 7.5-ish.

This was tough to tell what the true RPE was. Felt light, but slightly awkard. Have to slow down the first pull and make a true distinction between the two. Also need to keep the elbows straight and exagerate staying over the bar to be able to pull the bar straight up the thighs and not back into the body like the snatch. Overall, felt very strong. My clean has traditionally lagged behind my snatch, which, technically, is an indicator of a lack of maximum strength. However, for the first time ever, I'm feeling very hopeful that my clean will jump up. My overall strength is feeling very, very good.

This training session was truly eye-opening. It told me that if everything goes according to plan, I am well on my way to hitting my numbers at this meet in April. The only thing lacking is that I'm missing my strength sessions due to poor self/time-management. I will get back on track this weekend as I enforce my new boundaries.

I was seriously considering throwing a KB only day into the cycle, but after seeing that the meet is 6 weeks from this Sunday, I thought better of it. I'll get those back into the cycle regularly after the meet. I really need to focus on usable leg strength, so I'll squat twice a week--light and heavy.

The interesting thing about training is I am much more body-aware than I ever have been. It's fascinating when I'm on the platform. This is all a result of Z--more coordination, increased proprioception, more displayable strength.

I have a quick strength session to make up tonight, and then speed tomorrow and strength again on Sunday or possibly Monday, depending on how beat up I feel after two in a row.

It finally feels like it's all coming together.


Blogger Franz Snideman said...

Nice to hear that your trianing and health are all coming together!

Siff's RPE is just makes so much sense and it highly practical! Life is never static and thus our bodies reponse to life stresses constantly changes! We need a subjective method to evaluate how to modify trianing loads and volume.....

for that we are all indebted to Dr. Siff!

10:52 PM  
Blogger Mike T Nelson said...

Sounds like it is going well for you! Nice work!
Have you played around with adding a threat index to your training yet? I would be interested in what you find out about it. Courtney can explain it to you too as we talked about it at level 4
Rock on!
Mike N

10:41 AM  

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