Monday, March 10, 2008

Mixing It Up

Yesterday, Sunday, I hit some Good Mornings from a pulling stance--Not my strongest exercise for sure. Worked up to 120kg for a 5TM (Training Max, different from an RM--TM is working up to a comfortable stop, RM is all out.) Then backed down to 80% (95kg) and hit 5x5 with 60s rest for some hypertrophy work.

I'd love to have long, rest-filled training sessions, but my schedule just won't allow it. I'll have to make it up with something extra--I-Phase and/or some KB work for recovery.

After the GMs, moved on to the Military Press. And then needed to figure out this left elbow thing: More overhead squats--found out that the right elbow wasn't fully locked. Talk about SMA--how does one miss that? Anyway, locked out the elbow and lo' and behold I got more into that left hip again and the right knee was smooth and oiled. Cool.

Here was the training:

A. GMs, pulling stance: 5TM: 120kg, then 80% for 5x5 w/ 60s rest (95kg/5 x5)
B. Military Press: (70kg/5, 75kg/5, 80kg/5) x2; 90s rest
C. Overhead Squats: 50kg/6 x4; rest as needed but short

Today--Some GPP

A. 45 minutes of I-Phase

B. Get-Ups: 10 minute drill w/ 24kg, alternating L+R, 1+1; worked on being very smooth. Felt good since never used to be able to do them do to knees. Threw in some arm bars on the L side. Hindsight, should've thrown some in on the R side for the L hip. Next time.

C. KB Presses from full lunge position (trail knee off the ground) to work on opening the hips: 5 reps each side contra-lateral, 5 reps each side ipsi-lateral, 5 reps each side contra-lateral again.

Felt good.


Blogger Mike T Nelson said...

Nice to see you back and feeling well!

Great interview with Mike Robertson for his newsletter--good stuff.

We missed you at S Phase--great times!

Tell Courtney thanks for the Z scar work there--it helped quite a bit.

Does the elbow get better with movement? You know all the Z work of course, but many times tendonOSIS will get better with weighted work, esp emphasizing the eccentric component. May be the "forced" increased tissue remodeling, but seems to help in my experience. For tendonITIS I've had better luck with nutrition (fish oil, fruits/veggies) to keep inflammation down.

rock on!
Mike N

3:38 PM  
Blogger Geoff Neupert said...

Mike, Glad you liked the interview. I'm just not ready to take S-Phase yet. Too busy building a business. I'll get there for sure though--maybe by the end of the year if they have another one. How'd you like it?

The elbow gets better under load, especially overhead supports. Don't know exactly what it is, although I suspect it was from being sick--lying on my left side for almost 48 hours straight has got to count for something, right? Maybe not...dunno. Will fix it eventually.

9:07 PM  

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