Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Training Update, Nerves, and Speed, Baby, Speed...

This past week has been crazy busy. I had to go to Phoenix last weekend (40 hours--Friday thru
Sunday) for a figure competition and stayed with my very good friend, Josh Henkin. If you live in AZ, you have to pay him a visit--the man knows his stuff.

Last week, I had significant left elbow pain/discomfort. Courtney did some scar release work on my abdomen and my left AC joint. Left median and ulnar nerve pain started to dissipate. However, still couldn't support much load in the rack position.

Thursday's training ended up primarily being Back Squats. I've settled on my previous theory that I really have no business using the bar on heavy strength work for more than 3 reps. I squatted 160kg/2 x10 with 60s - 90s rest. Bone rhythms were right on and the weight felt fast and light. Not much else that day due to the left elbow.

Saturday, I snuck in a training session at Josh's between the pre-judging and the night show. This was a 50-70% day, which really means I try to keep the RPE between 5 and 7. Power snatches from the floor were spot on and so were the Power Cleans from the floor.

A. P Snatch, floor: 85kg/2 x10; 60s rest; RPE = 5.5

B. P Clean, floor: 100kg/2 x10; 60s rest; RPE = 5

These caught me completely off guard: After all the travel and sitting and poor eating and lack of sleep, these were lightning fast! At times, there barely felt like there was anything on the bar.

Due to the lack of sleep this weekend and the outstanding training session at Josh's, I took Sunday off from any strength work and hit a light KB circuit yesterday.

No training today, even though it was scheduled. I'm readjusting/implementing boundaries and will be training during the day, between 230-430pm, instead of at night which tends to be catch up from business.

Tomorrow is a technique day--70-90%, with hopefully RPEs that at least match, but are preferably on the easy side. Strength work on Thursday.


Blogger Zachariah said...

Hey what supps are you takin Geoff? And yes I will call soon! ;0 zzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:28 PM  
Blogger Mike T Nelson said...

Nice update! Mr. Henkin is the man :) Please tell him hello from me nex time.
Fitness competition?
Rock on
Mike N

9:44 PM  
Blogger Brett Jones said...

readjusting and implementing boundries - a key step IMO - I have had to start getting my training in during the day due to my schedule.

6:56 AM  

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