Thursday, September 27, 2007


Who knew being on "vacation" could be so tiring? Of course, this isn't a real vacation, but a family visit where almost every moment is scripted. Today is our first "free" day since we've been in CA. We just read and hung out by the pool. Sleeping in a too small bed on a mattress that's too soft in a room that's too hot isn't restful either. Nor is all the driving, sitting, and flying. Today, everything just hurts. Even Z hurts. Probably just need to rest.

The past couple of days have been fun though.

Tuesday, I went to visit a friend in LA. We had brunch (steak, eggs, and pancakes for me) and lots of coffee, talked shop, went to one of the local piers. He gave me a tour of Gold's Venice, the local areas, and we stopped at Santa Monica Beach. Beautiful and empty. Here's the cool part: Not only was I able to repeat the rope climbing feat from July at I-Phase, I also climbed two parallel ropes, one in each hand, simultaneously, with only the use of my upper body. Not bad for never doing it! I can only attribute this to the I-Phase work I've been doing. Anyway, it was a great time for me. We get to see each other at some certs, so this was a lot of fun for me to be in his stomping grounds with him. There's something to be said for good friendships.

Wednesday, I went back over to Rif's. I was feeling slow and tired and should've taken it lighter than I did, (yes, I tweaked something again...right psoas...again...) but I was moving relatively fast on the cleans. After I tweaked the psoas, I tried to BSQ (of course!) but no luck. All classic symptoms for me of systemic fatigue.

A. Power Clean: 60kg/3 x2; 70/2, 80/2
90/2, 100/2 x2, 110/2 x5, 120/1+x, 120/2 x4, 130/1
Worked my way up to 80% for a single. Felt OK. Not great. So I was done. Avg % was about 70% for 20 lifts.

B. Clean, from Scoop (classic clean w/ squat under): 60kg/3 x2, 70/3 x3, 80/3 x3
This was the one that tweaked my psoas. It was on the 80kg, first set. Seemed OK by the third.

C. Back Squat. Not much happening here. 142kg was tough so played with 100kg, but no joy. Psoas wasn't having any of it.

Didn't get to take Rif through any assessments. Both of us were just too cooked by the end of the session. Joe Sarti and Tim Dymmel both dropped by to train. Tim's got one of the most natural looking squats I've ever seen. Rif, Tim, and Joe all were throwing around the KBs. Yesterday was the best I've seen Rif move since I've known him.

Will probably hit some pistols and bodyweight drills tomorrow. Thinking about going way back to old school training: 6 days per week, 2 exercises per day. In and out in 40 minutes. We'll see.


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