Monday, September 10, 2007

Right On.

Came up with a new plan (I know, yet another one...) and it just adds to the one I proposed in my last post--so really, it's an addendum.

After talking with Dr. Cobb this past weekend, it was his feeling that my body is responding better to gradual, subtle changes rather than bigger jumps. This means that wave loading and series are out for now. Looking back, I always trained on either end of the spectrum: RM/ME work or Sub-Max Effort work (great for technique). This is what my body knows. This is what it adapted to in the past. I think I have to allow it to "stabilize" again with that type of work, the only difference being this time, is that I'm leaving out the RM/ME work for 2-3 months.

So, the goal is to make small changes in load each training session--to force adaptation s-l-o-w-l-y instead of quickly, which my body has the good fortune of doing.

Here's an example: Tonight, I was doing some High Snatch Pulls from AK for 5s with 90kg. My right knee didn't like that. So, I dropped the weight to the floor and performed "strength" Sn. Pulls--Shrug at the top, arms locked. I stayed with the 90kg. For the first time in almost 5 weeks, I was able to be in that semi-squat position without knee pain. Felt great! Instead of concerning myself with the load, I just focused on setting up each rep the same--weight in the center of the foot, chest out so I can feel the T-Spine, head on top of the body and gaze on the floor--and making the pulls all the same. I got 85-90% of them to feel the same. That's the type of progress I'm going to be aiming for. Once I get the feel back, then I'll start adding load.

Tonight's Session:
A. Front Squat: 70kg/3 x2; 100kg/3 x 5 sets; 2 minutes of rest.
These felt awkward, and the knees never really felt perfect--I had some pain in the right patellar tendon that I was able to alleviate. However, I was able to work my grip in closer which is where I used to hold it when I was almost at my strongest.

B. High Snatch Pull, AK: 70kg/5, 90/5 x 2; Painful in the right knee-still not ready for these yet, at least not tonight, so I switched to--

C. Snatch Pull from Floor for Strength: 90kg/5 x3, 2 minutes rest.

D. Press Behind Neck, Wide, Thumb-less Grip:
Seated: 50/6
Standing: 50/6 x2; 60/6
Just going light on these, plus, last exercise, so tired.

E. Pressing Snatch Balance: Bar/6 x3
Finishing every session with these just to teach the body to get under the bar again and to get used to being there.

This is the pace I'm going to keep my training sessions at. If I can maintain this pace, I should be pretty far along once I the American Open rolls around. Who knows, I may even be there. That's the goal, anyway.


Blogger Franz Snideman said...

You are a detective! Always investigating better ways to train and listening to your body for sure!

Keep it rocking Geoff!

8:45 AM  
Blogger Zachariah said...

Thats the template I am using, the one day Oly one day kb for the unilateral/bilateral effect and it feels great! Keep us posted on how that affects your knee issues and pain as well as any combonations from day to day-Oly to Kb- that seems to work "better or worse". Look forward to more discussion on this matter in a few days,good luck! zzzzzzz

12:51 PM  
Blogger Tim Anderson said...

You are on your way. You are kind of like a detective...

1:47 PM  
Blogger Anthony Springman said...


I am glad to see you back on the OL's. Great blog, thanks for taking the time to post. I think that many of your trials and tribulations mirror what many "athletes" deal with as we age. Some give up, others find a way to make it work, or adapt to another sport. In the end though, it is the love of the journey that keeps us going.

10:00 PM  

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