Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Messing Around With Progressive Overload

Just been playing with PO over the last couple of days. I'm trying to find loads and rep schemes that allow me to focus on practicing bone rhythm work.

Here's what I came up with:

Sat/Tues: Squat and Bench
Sun/Wed: Bench and Deadlift
Mon/Thurs?: KB Snatch/other

Here's how I've broken down the numbers (I'm not posting any actual weights in order not to embarrass myself...):

Wk 1) 50%/10 x5, 60%/6 x5-6; ~3 minutes rest
Wk 2) 55/8 x5, 65/5 x5;
Wk 3) 60/? and 70/?--have to see how I feel once I get there.

Wk 1) 50/10 x5; 60/6 x5; 55/8 x5; 65/5 x5; ~ 3 minutes rest
Wk2) 55/65/60/70
Wk 3) 60/70/65/75

Deadlift, same as Squat.

Last night's Squat actually hurt a lot on the warm-up--BRs were obviously off. Stepped out from under the bar, hit some I-Phase hip work, then some bodyweight BR squats and Presto! no pain. I have to film these things though because I literally am still feeling my way through each rep. Perhaps I may have to stay light for longer than I would care to do until I've created the new groove.

One thing's for sure, I'm not used to the reps, which of course is why I'm doing them. The weights are light enough for me to focus on technique without the form breaking down. But I am tapping into some fibers that haven't been used in awhile--I'm getting a little sore.

The Bone Rhythm work sure is fun: When the form is correct, the weight just floats up with very little effort (maybe its just with the light weight--nah, some of the heavier stuff in the past has floated up too...).

It'll be very interesting to see the changes in my body after just 3 weeks of this stuff. After not even completing a week my muscularity has increased. Plus, I just feel stronger without being on the platform--must be all mental.

More later...


Blogger Brett Jones said...

It's all mental all right ;)

You are going to get this dialed in - it'll be different but you'll get it.

7:33 PM  

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