Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day: From a Fitness Perspective

First, I am thankful that I live in the United States. Having lived in foreign countries and traveled all through Europe, I believe it's the greatest country in the world, despite the best efforts of our current crop of politicians (To Hell with the limited powers of the three branches of government as set forth by our Founders in the Constitution--they should be able to do what they please!). It's still a unique experiment and I am thankful to my Creator that I have the good fortune of living here.

Second, thinking about independence and freedom makes me think about feeling "young" again, or pain-free and able to move any way I want. Nothing reinforces this point than watching my friend's 28 month-old run around his house. Two years ago, I viewed myself as an athlete, but I didn't move like one. I was very stiff and immobile. Years of chronic loaded tension induced from heavy weight training and heavy weight training in pain hindered me more than helped. Sure, I got strong, but failed to realize how weak I was getting. As I type this, a copy of Pavel's, Super Joints, lays on my desk. I wonder what would've happened if I had actually practiced the information that was in there when I first got it five years ago. The old truism never rang truer: Youth is wasted on the young.

So, evaluating the "new" freedom I have, I have to conclude that although I'm not as strong--maximally speaking--as I used to be, I am optimally stronger than I have been in almost 10+ years. I move with more fluidity in my movement, I have better flexibility (without stretching I might add), I am faster, I am more agile, I am more coordinated, my eyesight is better than it was in 2000 when I qualified for Nationals, and I'm sure if I thought about it, the list would be longer. This is what "Fitness" is all about. It's been a long, frustrating, painful road. But I'm glad I walked it and continue to walk it. My life is immeasurably better now than it ever has been.

I like Freedom.

Today's training:

A. Back Squat: 130kg: 5x1 with 30s rest. 3 sets, 3 minutes rest between sets. 15 reps total.
This felt better and easier than 120kg did on Monday.

B. Military Press: 82.5/1 x5 with 30s rest. Then 3 minute rest. Then 87.5kg/1 x5 with 30s rest.
Misloaded bar--both sets should've been 87.5kg. No sweat more pressing tomorrow.


Blogger Brett Jones said...

Nothing but love brother - you know I am curious about Z as well - and your return to "function" is what training is all about! I like the "stronger you got - the weaker you were" - very often missed by those that forsake mobility for stiffness.

4:53 PM  

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