Thursday, June 28, 2007

Backwards Was Much Harder

Performed another complex today with the 24kg KB. Same exercises as Tuesday only I inverted the order so it looked like this:

Row x5
Contralateral Rack Position Stationary Lunge x5
Clean + Press x5+5
Snatch x5

6 rounds, 60s rest between rounds.

Interestingly, performing it this way took 75s instead of 60s like the other way. That's an extra 90s of work. (For a guy who likes to work for about 10s, that's nine times longer than I'd care to work.) Don't know what that's about--perhaps the transition between the row and the lunge, perhaps fatigue.

Carb loading this evening. It's been awhile. Need to get back to this in order to put some muscle back on.


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