Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Confessions of a Volume Junky

I've realized over the years that I like to train, to work out. Most of the time it's goal oriented--platform related, but sometimes, I just need to blow off some steam.

After evaluating last week, I realized that although I like the heavy slow stuff with lots of rest, I really need to counter the barbell lifting with the unilateral KB work. I also need to keep my platform "wind" which KBs allow me to do very well. And I also need to get back to 220lbs, then 225, then 23o...So I decided to go with the best of all worlds: KB Complexes.

These are great because I can put up a substantial workload in a short period of time, tax my cardiovascular system, put on muscle, perform my unilateral work, and work my weak points all simultaneously. So I'm going to spend a number of weeks performing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here was yesterday's:

With the 24kg

Snatch x5
Clean + Press x5+5
Contralateral Rack Stationary Lunge x5
Row, in lunge position x5

This took me approximately 60s. I performed a complex on with my right hand, rested 60s, and then performed one with my left hand. I performed six rounds of complexes.

The 24kg was light enough for me to focus on technique--perfect reps--while allowing me to push the volume. I was sweating profusely by the time I was done and my HR was up significantly. There didn't seem to be enough food to eat for the rest of the day. I've eaten more today and been chronically hungry all day. This is a good sign.

I like complexes because I "feel" like I've done a lot of work, even when I haven't. They're good for the psyche and sometimes, that's all you need. Sometimes.

Yesterday's total load:

25 reps per complex * 6 rounds * 2 arms = 300 reps

300 reps * 24kg = 7200kg or 15,840lbs. In less than 30 minutes. Not bad. Will be better.

Today's training was very easy--some soreness at first in the knees, but disappated quickly into the training session.

A. Back Squat: 110kg/2 x10 sets; 60s-ish rest
Technique much better than Monday. Looking forward to 120kg on Friday. Long, slow, and steady is the name of this game.

B. Military Press: 75kg/2 x10 sets; 60s rest

Back to Complexes tomorrow.


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