Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Patterns...New Learning...

Some old patterns are creeping up on me.

The left hip is still tight posteriorly. I'm having a hard time sitting back on simple exercises like 2 hand kettlebell swings. My hips are shifting to the right and I'm having to aggressively "force" the hips back straight. I can keep the proper pattern only on the right side.

The right knee is starting to "sore up" after squatting--interestingly not really while squatting but after...

Not really sure what's going on--probably just remnants of stress from the last quarter. Gut is still wound up but healing daily with the addition of grapeseed extract and HCl. Probably time for a massage just to help me r-e-l-a-x...Probably should've done that before starting up training again.

However, speed on everything is up. Strength feels fine--lifts although light, feel incredibly easy...

Seem to be getting leaner--as if it is accidental. Right...anyway, I like eating carbs again. I forgot how much I missed eating things like rice and beans with cheese.

Have to set up that massage tomorrow for later this week...Definitely looking forward to that.

I am currently investigating exercises to include into M-W program to help counter the effects of the Olympic lifts. I'm looking for exercises that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This includes R-Phase and some other exercises modified from some other disciplines.


Blogger Mike T Nelson said...

Hi there Geoff! I happened to pop over and saw that you have updates! Sweet! Glad to hear all is well for the most part and you will be back in the "swing" of things in no time.

How does the grapeseed extract help with gut issues? Just curious. Results so far?

Looking forward to more updates
Rock on
Mike N

9:39 PM  

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