Monday, May 14, 2007

Deadlifts, Kettlebells, and MRIs, Oh My!

Admittedly, deadlifting excites me about as much as watching paint dry. After years of wrestling with the snatch and the clean, the deadlift just pales in comparison. I can't get excited about training it. It doesn't mean that it's not important or shouldn't be used--I just don't find any thrill in it. I think I'll run a cycle at the end of the week--multiple sets of low reps. Five's too many--1-2 reps per set, 5-10 sets. In the mean time, I'll get plenty of stimulation from the KB.

I've been thinking about a Clean + Press with 48kg for a 5x5+5. (Not to mention, Double 48s for 5x5.) I think it would be a challenging goal. Not only that, but the benefits of unilateral training cannot be denied: shoring up weak points; striving for bilateral structural balance; CNS "relaxation" from bilateral work; increased local muscular stimulation due to greater ROM and proprioceptive demand--to name a few. I've also got to throw some swings or snatches back into the mix for GPP/improved CV function/spare tire relief.

Finally pulling the trigger on the MRI. Called the Ortho's "administrative assistant" (secretary) today. No word on how soon I can get in. But there's gotta be something else to the swelling. Best to find out.

On Squatting...

Starting a KB FSQ session this week: 4 days a week--5-6 sets of 5. Started with 2x16kg today. More challenging than I thought--not the weight, the movement; trying to get the ankles, knees, and hips to not only move simultaneously on one side but both sides. Should be fun. About 2 weeks here and then I'll move on to pistols.

Today's workout (if I'm not O-lifting it's a workout, not "training"):

A. KB Cl+Pr: 40kg/5+5 x5; 2 mins. rest; probably cut the rest each week by 15s until I'm down to 60s rest between sets.

B. KB FSQ: 2x16kg/5 x6; 2 mins rest; weight easy, technique difficult, especially flatfooted instead of with my weightlifting shoes.

C. Pull-ups: 3x6 bodyweight; 2 mins. rest


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