Saturday, May 12, 2007

Training ADD

I just love to train (most of the time). But honestly, it depends on the day and my mood that day as to what I "feel" like doing. Today, I was supposed to finish this week's DL cycle but I blew it off cause I didn't "feel" like doing it. I needed something fast and moderately hard. Then I remembered the workouts I've been doing the last couple of Saturdays:

Double C+P: 2x32kg; 10x5+5, decrease the rest over a 3 week period.

I started at 2' between sets. Last week was 90s, and today was 60s. Not too tough--but why? I don't recall ever doing this before. Perhaps it was the DLs over the course of the last 2+ weeks. Perhaps it's just more KB work. Yesterday, I hit 2x5+5 on the C+PuPr with the 48kg. The only hard things were the reps (I don't really like more than 2...) and the torso stability. Other than that, it felt very light going up and resting overhead.

I'm quasi-training for a DL meet, but only cause I have friends who do it. Other than that, it's completely boring.

The right quad, hams, and adductors are filling in nicely with my lunge training. It'll be interesting to see what happens when I return to the bar for squats. Gotta make it thru KB squats and pistols before I get there though.

Back to the Double C+P: I'd feel pretty good when I can so that same program with the 40kgs and then move on to the 48kgs. Double C+P for a 10x5 with 48's would be strong. Something to work toward.

I'll return to the DL on Monday: 375-415 next week as my top sets. Haven't played in the 400s for awhile so this will be fun. The mixed/alternate grip is still very strange after spending 12 years deadlifting w/ straps and an overhand grip. (Yes, weightlifters use straps for their pulls--saves their grip and the skin on their hands, and the thumb.) Pretty soon, I'll be back upto fightin' weight.


Blogger Christine Petty said...

Woo hooo! Deadlifts! Now we're talking!

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