Monday, March 19, 2007


Spent all last week and this weekend living out of a hotel room and trying to get my knee to work. I was in the hotel room because I was having my home re-plumbed. I've been trying to get my knee to work since it hasn't been working correctly from the cruise and the heavy cleans in old shoes. The good news is I can now squat bodyweight pain-free, but not Back Squat. I have Front Squatted upto 80kg for 5 reps pain free. I can also peform reverse lunges pain free, most of the time and I can flex my knee with my hip in extension now without pain in my knee. These are starts. I can also perform I-Phase knee and hip circles pain-free. Beginning of last week I couldn't.

I think the heavy cleans combined with the cruise's toll on my vestibular system "poisoned" my CNS and forced me to revert back to old patterns. I've also been having some right hip "discomfort" getting in and out of the car, getting up from the floor, and of course, squatting.

This "poison" has prevented me from snatching or cleaning much over 55% of my max. Jerks are right out: That short, sharp dip produces a sharp, long-lasting pain in the patellar ligament.

As far as training goes, it's all been light the last week and not really worth writing about. I have noticed that my KB work is a little rusty: Tried a series of 5s on Saturday in the snatch: 32kg/40kg/48kg. Made 3 rounds (60s between sets and 120s between series) before I tore a hole in my right palm. Oh, well--I've done worse.

My plan for this week is to continue in the same vein: Lighter barbell work and probably some heavier KB stuff plus lots of I-Phase drills. This week should be better: I'm sleeping on my own hard mattress instead of a soft one and won't have some fatty (individual going to the Rice Diet here in Durham) clomping around in the room above me at all hours of the night for hours at a time.

More later. Just looking up right now.


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